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MLP Caption pictures

Aim just a little bit higher!

Fluttershy still slightly ironwillified...

Mutual feelings

This is basically what I'm doing:

This might drive certain people nuts, hahaha...

Would the real Scootaloo please stand up!

Cheezburger wins trolling award - ( profile ≠ site )

Your faithful student...

The Meditations of Baroness Munchhausen

Feelings not so mutual anymore

Hello? Anybody there? ... Anybody else?

(In Soviet Psychedelia, yourself is laughing about YOU!)

Special addition - Unicorns unite!

Better quench your thirst with water.

derps - she delivers

Need a paradox delivered yesterday? No problem!

Oh Pinkie Pie! What have you done this time?!

In the Glade of the Meadow Queen

Sometimes we all just need to be scared a little shitless.


The meme that can be named is the eternal meme.

Fluttershy going ballistic

large still picture version

(unaltered screenshots)

She's doing it again...

Luke Shywalker


Unaltered screenshots: timing is everything


Oh my! What happened to Twilight Sparkle?!

(crown vector from here)

Best Rainbow Dash cosplay

20 percent color in 10 seconds flat

Dangel Bunny

Not saying that Fluttershy is a pimped ride, but...

Pie Pinkerit Litany For Fun


Take my love, take my fluff
Take me where I cannot puff
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the smile from me

It was the chocolate rain, wasn't it?

Juicy enough?

Fun fact: First I made the text black, but then I decided to change it to red, and the file size became 666504 Bytes. And this happened one day before Nightmare Night!


Twilight on math

There's a certain chemistry...

This was basically the problem

Orson's Well That Ends ... Well ... In A Smile!

The cane is a lie!

They're so much cooler in Equestria

Needless to say... I ran!

This is Ghost ... from True Haunted Castle

♫ To see how you might grow. To see what you might do. ♫

A plate of cupcakes isn't the only thing Pinkie Pie brought back from the comic book world.

Daring new Italian fashion line

Royally unwind and hang loose with upper class at the "Spa Jetty". Enjoy noodlety without feeling naked.

Louise the singing harp

A Freudian Spike (The 'bum'med out love fool)

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